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Fancy a free gift? Check out this contest

Want a nice gift for a fellow blogger perhalps but don't want to spend the money? Check out this contest from "blog me the money." Lots of great gifts and prizes to be won!

Memberships, Products, Services & Consultations
  • INconstantIN at "tips and tricks for bloggers" is giving away 1 free Domain for a year. worth at aprox $10 monetary value.
  • Andreas at Xavier Media is giving away 5, 1 year VIP memberships to worth $175 monetary value.
  • Rockfuse at ROCKFUSE: Helping Blogger Stand-out! is giving away 2, 30 min consultations via live IM for 2 bloggers. Possible topics to be consulted range but could be social media, SEO, blog design and monetization.
  • Ashwin Kandoi at Own Words and Dictionary Is giving away 10 Free Words on worth $10 monetary value as well 1 word worth $10 on the same site. Making a total monetary value of $30.
  • is the fastest growing community-built resource for blogs, ebooks, ezines, forums, websites and wikis. Submit to now for free. Hub-Site is giving away 5, Highlighted listings on for the months of July & August (This means
    they'll be in larger, bold print at the top of the results page for the appropriate
    category for their site/product) That is 5 winners for the 2 months. As well, 5 Highlighted listings on for the month of September (This means
    they'll be in larger, bold print at the top of the results page for the appropriate
    category for their site/product). Monetary value for these is listed at aprox $25 per winner. As well Hub-Site is giving away a Digg and Shout out for 5 articles of your choice to his Digg Network (600+ people). 2 lucky winners will win this.
  • Karl L. Gechlik at Get your geek on with is giving away 1 free Technical Support Session worth a monetary value of $75.
  • Simon at Free 125 Cards - Create your own banner is giving away 1 month of advertising on plus 1 professionally designed 125x125 ad. Each having a value of $25.
  • Young Entrepreneur Blog is giving away 1,000 copies of an Ebook ( Valued at $1000) and 2, 1 hour consultations. Monetary value of $150. His generous offering makes every entrant in this contest a winner up to the first 1000 people!
Paypal Money
125 x 125 Advert Placements (Average monetary value $25)
Blogroll Link Adds
EntreCard Credits
That brings to total, 1070 prizes, with approximately monetary value of $2581.25 and including last minute entries, 23,500 EntreCard credits up for grabs. As noted in the prize list there will be 1000 ebooks being given away to the first 1000 people to enter courtesy of The University Kid and the Blogging Forum.

With all these great contributions, there is surely something here for everyone regardless of niche.